The Therapy Suite

Face to Face

Even in this virtual world, your rugged good looks still play a vital part in your personal and professional success. Our range of facials suit the needs of demanding executive lifestyles and feature luxury international men’s skincare brand GENTLEMEN'S TONIC.


AED 150 (30 minutes)

When you’re short on time but your skin needs a boost, we will have you ready to face the world in less than 30 minutes. So you’re back in time at your desk looking bright-eyed and refreshed, let us cleanse, exfoliate, massage and moisturize your skin while you’re doing your other essential grooming treatments. Can be experienced alone in the treatment room or as part of your treatment in ‘The Barbershop’ or in ‘The Study’.


AED 300 (60 minutes)

The Detox Facial is perfect for reliving congested, prone-to- breakouts skin to instantly improve the tone, clarity and overall complexion. Relax with our signature head, neck and should massage after a deep cleanse and exfoliation with the vitamin facial buffer scrub. An active anti-oxidant peel is then applied to ensure pores are unblocked to help create clearer and calmer skin. Whilst the peel works its magic enjoy a relaxing hand and arm massage before finishing off with The Eliminator Mask, revitalizing eye cream and deep moisturizing lotion leaving the skin feeling refreshed and balanced.


AED 300 (60 minutes)

The most effective facial to combat premature ageing, this treatment will leave your complexion looking soft, smooth and super-sleek. It begins with a complete skin assessment before exfoliation and a head neck and shoulder massage – and we don’t stop there. Your skin is then soothed and refreshed using a blend of serums and boosters enriched with nourishing anti-oxidants, vitamins and soothing botanical extracts. Wait, there’s more! A hydrating mask is applied alongside a relaxing hand and arm massage, followed by a revitalizing eye cream and a power packed nourishing moisturizer leaving the skin feeling truly indulged.


AED 430 (75 minutes)

If you’re looking to target fine lines and wrinkles then The Advanced Anti-Ageing Facial is for you. After cleansing and exfoliation is complete, pores will open with a unique formulation that allows for a deep extraction. After, enjoy a stress-relieving head, neck and shoulder massage, followed by a hydrating mask with active anti-oxidants and concentrated vitamin serums to accelerate cell renewal and promote the production of collagen. During the mask you will be in complete relaxation with a hand and arm massage before finishing off with the revitalizing eye cream and power packed nourishing moisturizer for a more youthful and refreshed complexion.

ADVANCE ANTI-AGEING FACIAL is also available without extraction.

AED 400 (60 minutes)

Flat Out

Bring a whole new meaning to the term ‘flat out’ with 1847’s range of award- winning massages. Whether your limbs are sore, stressed or just in need of a good stretch, allow our fully trained expert therapists to work their magic with specially formulated essential oils and good old muscle power!

WELLBEING MASSAGE – ‘Aromatherapy Oil’

AED 190 (30 minutes) / AED 300 (60 minutes)

AED 270 (45 minutes) / AED 440 (90 minutes)

This traditional full body massage helps combat the day-to-day stresses of executive life, using a selection of essential oils, resulting in a complete state of ‘wellbeing’.

TRADITIONAL THAI MASSAGE – ‘Dry-Tension Release Massage’

AED 310 (60 minutes) / AED 450 (90 minutes)

This dry massage works on the body’s meridian lines to stretch every limb, enhancing flexibility and relieving aching muscles. This treatment is designed to relieve tension-induced pain and boost your energy levels.

THAI TENSION RELEASE – ‘Heated Herbal Pouches’

AED 380 (60 minutes) / AED 560 (90 minutes)

A therapeutic take on ancient Thai massage techniques, this unique massage incorporates specially blended and heated herbal packs to aid the release of toxins and ease muscular tension.


AED 310 (60 minutes) / AED 450 (90 minutes)

Perfect for busy on-the-go executives, this massage combines the numerous benefits of ancient Thai and Swedish massages, using aromatherapy oils to re-awaken the mind and body while stretching and relaxing the muscles.


AED 230 (30 minutes) / AED 350 (60 minutes)

AED 300 (45 minutes) / AED 510 (90 minutes)

Ideal for the sports enthusiast. This deeply rewarding massage is perfect for reviving over-worked muscles resulting from intense activity by using deep tissue, tension draining techniques to melt away unwanted muscular tension.

HOT STONE MASSAGE – ‘Volcanic Basalt Stones’

AED 400 (60 minutes) / AED 590 (90 minutes)

This deluxe massage uses natural volcanic basalt stones, placed on specific chakra points, to unwind tightened muscles, create balance and instill a deep sense of relaxation.


AED 290 (60 minutes)

This is a highly recommended therapy on a much neglected area. Through a deep tissue massage, sea salt exfoliation and a soothing warm mud masque this treatment unblocks pores, renews cells and stimulates circulation.


AED 100 (15 minutes)

This scrub will unblock pores, renew cells and stimulate circulation on your back. The treatment can be a compliment to any massage and may also be enjoyed on its own.


AED 100 (15 minutes)

A soothing and warm mud masque is used on the back area to remove oil and help prevent breakouts. This treatment can be enjoyed on its own or as a compliment to any massage.


AED 80 (15 minutes) / AED 145 (30 minutes)

An ancient foot massage which focuses on the pressure points relating to the various areas of the body. This traditional therapy helps ease tension, improve circulation and provide a general feeling of wellbeing.